For the third year in a row, Nurture in Mind has been privileged to be part of a unique educational team. Delivering a now award winning  Festival School to over 350 children.

During the last weekend in May, The Bearded Theory Festival opens its doors for one day only to offer a ‘education without walls’ in the beautiful setting of Catton Hall in Derbyshire. Festival Insights

Run by a team of dedicated and experienced volunteers, we offer a free full day of lessons planned in line with the National Curriculum and Key Stages. From nursery enjoying a forest schools ‘wild things’ experience in the woodland, to over 200 primary aged children enjoying maths, poetry, science, art and Mindfulness.

This year Nurture in Mind delivered the initial session to the whole school. Over 100 children in each session enjoyed learning to focus and pay attention using their breath and using their special breathing buttons. Holding them on their tummies whilst they noticed where they were breathing and bringing awareness of sensations of the flow of the breath. We used mindful movement and enjoyed a guided ‘body bubble’ scan meditation whilst focusing on bubbles floating across the space. Our finale was to chant positive affirmations before heading off for a wonderful day of fun and education in the main school.

The school is also very proud to be fully inclusive and this year we had over 20 children supported by a fantastic Special Educational Needs team from the local Pegasus school. This means that we are fully inclusive and accessible to any child with SEN and disabilities. All children who require it will be allocated a one-to-one support worker to stay with them throughout the day and introductions are made before the festival to ensure the child is comfortable with their worker.

The school takes place on a Friday, the first day of the festival, and is fully Ofsted approved which allows parents to take children out of school for the day and be given an authorised absence from their own school. This has enabled families to experience the whole weekend without worrying about their children missing a day at school.

I am proud to be part of this fantastic team!

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