Mindfulness-based resources developed for young children

These mindfulness- based resources are structured through 5 books, 8 guided meditation posters and accompanying audios, 10 mini meditaion cards and audios, a set of 15 movement cards and shopping lists of resources.

The 5 Elements contain over 50 fun, interactive and engaging activities to explore and experience mindfulness through senses, body awareness, movement, breath and creativity.


Nurture in Senses

In Element 1: Nurture in Senses, children explore using their 5 senses. They understand that senses help us connect to a present moment experience and begin to experience their immediate world through sensory play.

Nurture in Body

In Element 2: Nurture in Body, children become aware of what is happening in their own body; they learn techniques which assist with body awareness and understand how the body responds to external stimuli and influences.

Nurture in Movement

In Element 3: Nurture in Movement, children understand how to connect their breathing with movement, using physical presence to connect and focus, using music to support concentration and using movement to connect with emotions.

Nurture in Breath

In Element 4: Nurture in Breath, children learn to connect with their breath. They come to understand different ways we can breathe, the quality of our breath and how breathing is our ‘go to’ tool to help us feel calm and connected.

Nurture in Creativity

In Element 4: Nurture in Creativity, children create everyday tools to support them to practise mindfulness. They develop awareness of how they can pay attention through present moment engagement.

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