90 minute Live Online Workshop – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for You and Young Children – Tuesday 10th August 7 – 8:30pm



This 90 minute live online workshop will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness meditation. It is ideal  for professionals, parents or carers who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of mindfulness meditation. The children’s activities are suitable for children aged 2 – 8. It will focus on connecting with their sensory, body and breath awareness. Three key tools which enable present moment experience.

During this 90 minute workshop you will experience and learn;

  • the science behind mindfulness meditation
  • the benefits of mindfulness meditation (both for you and your young children)
  • some core practices of mindfulness meditation
  • some easy, fun and accessible mindfulness meditation activities for young children

At the end of the workshop, you will also be able to purchase the FULL set of resources from Early Nurture in Mind at a special price of £20.

‘Little Bag of Mindfulness,’ contains over 50 activities, 15 movement cards, 10 minute meditation cards and 18 FREE downloadable audio meditations and 8 FREE downloadable meditation posters.

Please see for further details.

‘The Little Bag of Mindfulness’ Early Nurture in Mind Books, includes 10 minute mindfulness cards & 15 movement cards plus access to free downloads.



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