6 Week Mindfulness Programme for KS2 – Session 1 – NURTURE IN SENSES


Nurture in Senses

An activity and lesson pack to introduce your class to the first ‘tool’ in mindfulness – using our senses to connect with the present moment.

Included; lesson plan, guided meditation script, workbook to complete and activity descriptions.



Nurture your classroom minds

Nurture in Mind – a mindfulness programme, ready to use straight away in your key stage 2 classroom. It contains six lesson plans in addition to workshop booklets for the children and guided meditation scripts.

Furthermore this short programme can easily fit into a half term of lessons.  It will give you a wealth of ideas to develop mindfulness and support you to incorporate the techniques immediately into your daily classroom routine.

The Nurture in Mind programme includes;

  • Connecting with senses to ground ourselves in the present
  • Developing body awareness and physical sensations
  • Using movement as a tool to develop focus
  • Noticing how the breath can anchor us into the present
  • How we can clarify and notice thoughts and emotions
  • Creative ideas to use alongside practical techniques

In Lesson 1 you will learn…

Self-awareness begins early in our life by using our senses, we rely on them to understand and connect with the world. Through using our senses, we can tune into the world around us.

Simple, direct everyday sensations, fully experienced can change our lives. They can take us from habitual reactions to fully observed attention, which in turn bring us into the present.

We can begin to relish such simple things as the smell of fresh bread, or the subtle tones of autumn leaves or the feel of the wind on tour face.

Key skills to be developed:

  • Awareness
  • Attention
  • Non judgement
  • Compassion
  • Trust


  • To develop the skills necessary to connect with our senses
  • To sharpen our focus and concentration as we delight in connecting with our senses


  • Balance, feel, hear, see, senses, smell, taste, touch


  • Exploring textures and a range of simple things from nature using our senses.
  • Mindful eating
  • Listening
  • Develop the ideas of triggers





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